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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting the same blemishes in the same area of your face over and over again. What If I told you that, there may be a way to understand what causes your acne by looking at where it appears the most? This is called ‘’face mapping’’! The idea behind face mapping […]

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Who knew that stress could seriously affect almost every area of your life? Everything from health to beauty, from relationships to sleep! I learned that lesson in my senior year at secondary school.   Senior year, or Year 12 as it’s known here in Australia, was definitely the most stressful year of my life. In […]

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When many people think of someone with acne, many times they automatically think of teens. But is acne limited to only teenagers? Absolutely not. Some people suffer acne well beyond their teenage years, and occasionally acne doesn’t rear its head until their 20’s or 30’s! There are many sufferers out there who have breakouts well […]

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You would think that my only issue in high school was having a last name like ‘Romp’, well try having that and being prone to the worst kind of acne… the ‘Eiffel Tower’ kind…   Let me explain…   Whenever I had a HUGE pimple, like one of those pimples that makes your skin all […]

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How to Treat Extreme Teenage Acne, Naturally It is important to address the “whole person” in dealing with acne. For true healing, acne must be addressed both internally and externally. Firstly you need a strong but naturally based acne treatment regime. SkinB5 have Extra Strength Acne Control Tablets that contain safe dose of Vitamin B5, supported […]

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People who have suffered from acne since their teens often assume that their acne as an adult is similar to their teenage acne. This is a common misconception. There are actually a number of important differences between Teen Acne & Adult Acne, including: Positioning Teen acne typically appears in the centre of the face, particularly […]

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For most, adolescence can be a traumatising experience. No one wants to be the kid with acne that others stare at, however at different stages in life most of us experience acne in one form or another. With the emergence of adult acne, some are finding that their high school horrors have yet to subside, […]

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Whether you’re a teen suffering from acne, or an adult who’s recently discovered their face breaking out like it did in their high school years, we’ve got the information and treatment to get you looking your best again! So what’s the difference? There are a few key differences between teen acne and adult acne. First […]

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Skinb5 and Other treatments for acne

The Importance Of A Nutritional Treatment Approach For Acne
February 6, 2015
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