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Acne can be caused by many different factors, but have you ever thought about air pollution being one of those factors? Smog, dust, dirt and cigarette smoke are among the most common cell-damaging properties that we encounter every day. The ozone layer has been diminished which has increased skin exposure to UV light which can […]

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It’s New Years and seemingly everyone is having epiphanies that there is something terribly wrong in their life, and they’re going to fix it. This is their moment. A big party, lots of drinks and a joke that we’ll all see each other next year and BOOM- we’re suddenly all going to be slimmer, happier, […]

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Aloe Vera, a green godsend wonder plant has been a popular ingredient in all sorts of skin healing remedies and beauty products. It is commonly used for healing sunburns, minor cuts and help soothing the skin. But Various studies have been shown that this ‘wonder plant ‘is also great for addressing other skin conditions like […]

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Looking after yourself can feel like a chore. I probably shouldn’t have this attitude, but sometimes applying a face mask can feel like an extra thing to do in your day. It’s not unlike clipping your nails or trimming your beard – it’s a necessary evil. The prospect of doing it seems painful, but then […]

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We all hate those little openings in our skin known as pores, or craters as they are commonly referred to! Large pores leave the skin with an uneven texture, as well as being a contributing factor to ageing.  Sadly, research indicates that it’s hard to change the size of your pores – shock horror! But, […]

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Have you looked at the ingredients of your skin care products lately? With the hype of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ we are seeing more and more food groups within skincare products, making them good enough to eat! We’ve outlined some of the most common foods (or drinks) you may find in your skincare products:   Green […]

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Many standard treatments of acne include medicated creams and washes, however this is only assisting the skin from the outside. Most of the time, this type of treatment does not achieve long lasting clear skin because it does not fix possible underlying causes that begin within the body. Our skin is an outward sign of […]

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How to Treat Extreme Teenage Acne, Naturally It is important to address the “whole person” in dealing with acne. For true healing, acne must be addressed both internally and externally. Firstly you need a strong but naturally based acne treatment regime. SkinB5 have Extra Strength Acne Control Tablets that contain safe dose of Vitamin B5, supported […]

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SkinB5 Offers an Effective Natural Alternative to Dangerous Acne Drugs Prescription acne drug, Diane 35 deaths have been the latest buzz in newspapers and online health and acne forums around the world. With multiple countries banning the popular acne drug and contraceptive pill after four related deaths, acne sufferers have become sceptical of their acne […]

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  Acne After Twenty—How it can affect you into middle age  If you think you’ve escaped acne forever once your teenage years are gone, think again. Acne isn’t only a problem faced by teenagers these days! Believe it or not, acne can persist throughout an entire person’s life and is a common problem among middle-aged women especially. According to […]

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Skinb5 and Other treatments for acne

Topical treatments versus Supplements
Monday, 31 August 2015
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