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So who’d have thought my partner would ever suffer from pimples spots and cystic acne!? Recently he’s really been suffering from spots that are deep, inflamed and just keeps coming. He’s usually got beautiful clear skin and it’s horrible to see him so frustrated with it. Funny how you get used to those frustrations yourself […]

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I don’t personally use a lot of hair products. I did in years past. Like most men in the 90s I would gel my hair up like a Backstreet Boy. Then in the 2000’s I would scruff it up with a matte finish wax or paste. Going out in my early 20’s I would add […]

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Growing up, my dad always said that swimming at the beach was good for our skin. Pity we didn’t live near the beach and my parents didn’t take me there much. That bitter note aside, I grew up a pale child who enjoyed swimming in indoor chlorinated pools. It wasn’t until I was in my […]

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Moisturising is a necessity of healthy skin maintenance, however it is often portrayed in popular culture as a habit of the vain. Moisturising would be considered by some to be a cosmetic act, however it is much more functional than this. Whilst some of the benefits of using a moisturiser would be considered cosmetic – […]

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At University I took a keen interest in gender studies, and was thrilled to find a unit titled Men and Masculinity. I was able to academically research, discuss and debate questions that had surrounded me all my life, including questions such as what defines masculinity. The very term manscaping is interesting as it reflects an […]

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That’s what my dermatologist said… about five years ago, and I’m still waiting. Whilst I’ve enjoyed fluctuations between periods of clear skin and just plain awful, I’ve always held onto the idea that it’ll end at some point. Magically I will wake up at the mystic age when it all goes away. Maybe it’s yet […]

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Shaving is a chore for many of the male persuasion, but adding acne to the equation can make it into a horrible and daunting task. When you shave the wrong way with acne you can increase your acne levels while potentially causing a lot of pain and potentially permanent scarring to your face. The easiest […]

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Acne affects each individual differently – especially men & women. This is largely due to the differences in hormones between both genders. Men are more likely to develop acne during adolescence, due to the exceeding presence of male hormones. When going through puberty, men experience an increased production of androgens- which are male hormones, such […]

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Skinb5 and Other treatments for acne

The Importance Of A Nutritional Treatment Approach For Acne
February 6, 2015
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