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Archive for July, 2016

Stop reading now if you’re not a busy person. I thought you’d continue. We are all battling busy lifestyles. Stress and sleeplessness aren’t uncommon. Think about it. When do you usually have breakouts? After a big weekend? When you’re stressed? Do you study or do project work? Do you find breakouts occur as deadlines arise? […]

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Have you tried meditation? Many people have attempted meditation, but struggle, as it’s difficult to switch off the mind. But what if you didn’t have to switch off, but had something else to think about other than stress, problems, worries and all the other thoughts that go through our minds day to day? Hmmm – […]

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When you nourish your body, mind, and soul from the inside, you can visibly see a positive outward change including your skin. I didn’t know how true this could be until I caved in and tried it around 5 years ago. Hi there, my name’s Renee. I’m an ocean-loving and cinema-going 23-year-old writer. After I […]

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Looking after yourself can feel like a chore. I probably shouldn’t have this attitude, but sometimes applying a face mask can feel like an extra thing to do in your day. It’s not unlike clipping your nails or trimming your beard – it’s a necessary evil. The prospect of doing it seems painful, but then […]

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Getting sick during the flu season is a given but if you’ve got a serious case of the sniffles, you might find that your skin is going through some changes. With the constant nose blowing and fevers it can make your skin feeling rough, looking spotty, dehydrated and even dull.  To avoid this, here are […]

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This June I’ve been holding a 30 day Mind Body Challenge, which has included nutrition, movement and meditation and many questions were raised. It’s a great way to try to introduce new, ‘better for you’ habits and get rid of some of the old bad habits we all have. As stated, whilst on the challenge […]

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It’s that time of the season again, the season of cold runny noses, coughing, sore throats, and feeling congested. But sadly if you’ve fallen a victim to the flu season then you may want to stock up on certain foods that will boost your immune system and help you get back into tip-top shape in […]

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Riddle: What is something everyone wants, everyone has a degree of it, and many struggle with it? Answer: Confidence. Confidence is a funny thing. Sometimes you’ll wake up feeling a million bucks and then you look in the mirror and immediately you can feel your confidence dissipating like a deflating balloon… strange, hey? Often this […]

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Skinb5 and Other treatments for acne

The Importance Of A Nutritional Treatment Approach For Acne
February 6, 2015
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