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Archive for October, 2015

That’s what my dermatologist said… about five years ago, and I’m still waiting. Whilst I’ve enjoyed fluctuations between periods of clear skin and just plain awful, I’ve always held onto the idea that it’ll end at some point. Magically I will wake up at the mystic age when it all goes away. Maybe it’s yet […]

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It is common for people to say that fast foods, sweet things, and alcohol can cause acne. A close friend complained that she experienced an acne break-out after a boozy weekend in Brisbane, and I immediately believed that was the cause. I myself often find that after a big weekend, my skin will pay the […]

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For years you’ve heard about the benefits of drinking green tea but did you also know that green tea can be used for beauty benefits too?  That’s right! Green tea works great as a beauty ingredient, with amazing benefits ranging from busting hormonal acne to reducing signs of aging. But what is it exactly that […]

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The truth about whether expensive skincare products are better is that it really depends. Some top-of-the-line skin care products can have a high price tag with a low-quality formulation and lots of chemicals. Comparatively, some low-cost skin care products can be really user-friendly with beautiful natural ingredients, but some can also be very cheap and […]

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Do you feel lost in the mass of information regarding skincare regimes and skincare products? There’s so much information out there, enough to make you throw your hands in the air with no idea what to take as truth or myth. I hear you. Let’s see if I can clear up some of these myths! […]

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Skinb5 and Other treatments for acne

The Importance Of A Nutritional Treatment Approach For Acne
February 6, 2015
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